2018 ARCS Named Fellowship Donors

Named Fellowships are created by donors who understand the difference multi-year awards can make in recruiting and supporting world-class graduate students. These donors each contribute $17,500 over three years to fund and name a fellowship. A Named Fellowship also provides a donor with a unique opportunity to engage with an individual ARCS Foundation Fellow and to support his or her research.

ARCS Foundation Seattle Chapter is pleased to acknowledge these generous Fellowship donors for the academic years 2018-2019

Eve & Chap Alvord (15th, 16th)
Karyl & Elias Alvord (2nd, 3rd)
Laura & Bruce Bailey
Alta & Stan Barer (4th)
In memory of Boss Barrier (5th)
Ann & Bruce Blume (2nd)
Brookshire-Green Foundation (4th-5th)
Jacque & Rick Doane (4th)
Emer Dooley & Rob Short (2nd)
with Lyndi & Robert Taylor
Mary Dunnam (4th)
Dean David & Dr. Kathleen Eaton (2nd)
Laurie & John Fairman
Cindy & Stan Freimuth (3rd)
Debbie Girdler & Dave Cutler (2nd)
Elizabeth & Lester Gunther Legacy
Cheryl & David Hadley (2nd)
Allison & Steve Harr
Hussey Family (2nd)
Beverly & Donald Jefferson
Terry Keegan Memorial (2nd)
KMZ UW School of Nursing
Kulakala Point Foundation
Kitti & Bill Lile
Kathy McQuaid with Sally & David Wright (2nd)
Nancy Mee & Dennis Evans (3rd)
Catherine Mee (4th)
Laura & David Midgley
Wiley S. Montgomery (9th)
Harriett & John Morton (3rd)

Tina Neiders (2nd) & Andrea Thoreson (3rd)
Connie Niva (2nd) with Marcia McGreevy Lewis (2nd)
Eleanor & Charles Nolan (4th)
Molly & Blake Nordstrom
Jeannie Nordstrom in Memory of Pepper Payne (2nd)
PACCAR Inc. (7th)
Pengra Capital Management, Inc. (6th)
Ransom Family
Jim & Trish Rogers (4th)
Amy & Matt Rudolf (2nd)
Seattle Chapter ARCS in memory of
William P. Gerberding
Seattle Chapter ARCS Light in honor of Lynn Thomsen
Seattle Chapter ARCS in memory of Elson S. Floyd
Seattle Chapter ARCS in honor of Jennifer Huck Arnold
Seattle Chapter ARCS Light in honor of Lynn Manley
Seattle Chapter ARCS Light in honor of Andrea Thoreson
Kathleen & Brooks Simpson (3rd)
Jill & Rajeev Singh
David & Catherine Eaton Skinner (6th)
Lynn & Mikal Thomsen (17th)
University of Washington Graduate School Diversity (8th-15th)

Jean B. Viereck (6th)
Valerie Voss & John Houlihan with
ARCS Foundation Seattle Chapter
Sarah & Andrew Watts
Barbara & Judd Kirk (4th) with Alice & Ernie Weymuller
Debbi & John Wilson with Jenny &
Scott Wyatt (3rd)
Jim & Nancy Woods (3rd)
Washington Research Foundation (96th-111th)
Washington State University President’s Award
Washington State University Graduate School
Carol Wright (8th)
Zevenbergen Capital Investments LLC (20th-26th)

(Denotes the number of ARCS Foundation Fellowships the donor has funded.)