Establish a Fellowship

Your Gift of an ARCS Foundation Seattle Chapter Fellowship

  • Allows our top two Washington State research universities to compete with peer institutions throughout the country to recruit the very best PhD candidates in the most critical areas of science.
  • Enables our state’s leading professors to assemble the best research teams with tremendous creative talent. In turn, these students help to energtize, retain, and attracthighly valued faculty at the UW and WSU.
  • Brings to our community bright minds whose academic work on complex scientific challenges leads to innovative workforce contributions helping to boost our local economy.
  • Provides the opportunity to develop a relationship with students and faculty with a broad range of scientific interests.

An ARCS Foundation Seattle Chapter Fellowship

  • Each ARCS Foundation Seattle Chapter Fellowship of $17,500 funds one student over a three-year period at either UW or WSU. Two donors may jointly create an ARCS Fellowship.
  • Payments are made to a student as follows: $7,500 in the 1st year, $5,000 in the 2nd year, and $5,000 in the 3rd year.
  • Fellowship recipients are selected and recruited by the universities.
  • ARCS Fellows have full discretion regarding how to use their fellowship funds.
  • ARCS Fellows must be US citizens and maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or better.

To request more information about donating a Fellowship please click HERE to email us.